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WaxFactory’s founders have been trained in and influenced by a diverse range of disciplines ranging from Viewpoints, the Suzuki Method of Acting, Cinema, Clown, Contemporary Dance, Site-Specific work, Music, New Media, and others.
Since the company’s formation, the artistic co-directors Erika Latta and Ivan Talijancic have taught multidisciplinary performance workshops, acting, directing, movement, compositions and devised work both in the United States and internationally.
Both individually and as a team, Erika Latta and Ivan Talijancic have been invited as lecturers, adjunct faculty and guest directors as part of education programs at major universities, museums and international festivals around the world.
While maintaining our schedule as artistic co-directors of the company, we are committed to education, having taught classes and multidisciplinary performance workshops in the United States (e.g., Towson University, Baltimore, MD; French American School, Portland, OR; Brown University, Providence, RI; Barnard College/Columbia University, New York), Europe (e.g., Dartington College of the Arts, England; AFDAS and for Begat Theater, France; Center for Drama Art, Croatia; Gulbenkian Foundation; Portugal; Akademie Schloss Solitude, Germany) and Latin America (e.g., Fundateneo, Venezuela) among others.
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In teaching multidisciplinary / composition workshops we begin with the language and vocabulary of Viewpoints, the Suzuki Method of Acting, cinema, dance, silent film, and music. Our workshops concentrate on creating a vocabulary for students to create a structure of practice.  The workshops are used to create new work or to explore themes or existing text in rehearsals through a series of compositions by training the actor/ performer, choreographer and director to be one hundred percent aware, present, spontaneous and ready to listen, to work together and build ensemble.
We aim to work with students as co-authors in the classroom breaking down the barrier between student and teacher and working as fellow artists discovering the best way to approach the theme or text. We ask strong questions about where a given text wants to live weather it be in a traditional theater, in an abandon building, in a car or as a film. The idea of landscape and the world of the play is very important to the training and how we discover where the ideas want to live and how we can translate the ideas from a rehearsal room into a full scale production.
In the training for actors, we strive to find the individual and unique voice of the actor, training an actor to listen and speak with the entire body and ultimately give a performance that is intelligent, precise and visceral. The training teaches an actor to be aware, have eyes in the back of their head and speak from their center but more importantly how to be part of an ensemble. The training uses the imagination of the actor by exploring both the text, limitations of the body and challenging the students to ask questions by pushing against what is comfortable and known.


To book either a workshop with WaxFactory, lecture, or to discuss teaching engagements please contact us at hq@waxfactory.org.