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A workshop with Barney O'Hanlon / SITI Company at CPP 2022 at the Croatian National Theater in Split. (Photo: Gloria Lizde)




As we gain solid footing within the landscape of the 21st-century time-based art, it is evident that traditional definitions of genres and disciplines are being transcended in favor of multiple, fluid, hybrid art forms. Along with the rise of site-specific, devised, immersive and virtual-reality projects, the role of the performer is rapidly evolving, away from being simply an interpreter of scripts / scores to becoming a co-creator of work – one whose contributions are integral to the vision and identity of the new creations.
Contemporary Performance Practices (CPP) program aims to acknowledge and expand the performing arts canon, tracking current trends and discovering new ones, for the benefit of contemporary performers and performance-makers. We will be offering intensive education, taught by prominent international practitioners and educators, focusing on developing strategies for jump-starting new work from scratch by layering compelling visuals, vivid relationships, coherent text, and propulsive narrative.
CPP is a two-week summer intensive training geared towards a broad range of performing arts students and practitioners. The program was launched in July 2019 in Rijeka, Croatia with instructors from two of the world’s leading performing arts companies: SITI Company, co-founded by Anne Bogart (New York, USA) and Jan Fabre’s TROUBLEYN (Antwerp, Belgium.) After a hiatus during COVID-19 pandemic, CPP made a return with a successful edition at the Croatian National Theater in Split in the summer of 2022. It is now my pleasure to announce the launch of CPP 2023, taking place at our longtime partner organization, Art Radionica Lazareti / Art Workshop Lazareti in the historic city of Dubrovnik. This year's instructors, Claudia De Serpa Soares (Sasha Waltz & Guests, Germany) and Ellen Lauren (SITI Company, USA + SCOT/Suzuki Company of Toga, Japan) will spend one a week each focusing on intensive training and knowledge-sharing of their respective methodologies. While the two artists approach performance-based work from different angles, both are deeply committed to developing truthful, compelling, rigorous visions for the stage, honoring the performer’s intuition and intelligence to advance their development as co-creators rather than merely interpreters of work. I chose these two instructors for our program’s 2023 edition, as I find their visions to complement each other in a way that will afford participating artists a well-rounded preparation, inspiring them to generate their own unique creations in the future.

Ivan Talijancic, Artistic Director, Contemporary Performance Practices / Co-founder, WaxFactory (USA)



Visit the link below for our CPP website - applications are now open for 2023 International Summer Intensive in Dubrovnik, Croatia, to take place July 10-22, 2023!