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LULU (2000)


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Spellbinding seductress. Unwitting victim. Cold-blooded murderer. Voracious beast.
At the turn of the last century, German writer Frank Wedekind imagined Lulu, an elusive heroine as puzzling and indestructible as his obsessive search for quintessence of the other sex. Lulu was at the same time the object of his keenest desires and the vision of his most gnawing fears -- as complex as the pandemonium of female archetypes invented throughout history, she embodied all reasons for eternal strife (and the ultimate impossibility) to reconcile the worlds of men and women.
In the 21st century, the enigma of Lulu is still unresolved. Our production, inspired by Wedekind’s female protagonist, examines the auteur's undertaking of the seemingly impossible task of releasing the sources of female essence, and confronting, in the process, his own conflicting tendencies, ranging from idolatry to misogyny.
Endowed with a multitude of age-old archetypes, both saintly and demonic, but none quite accurate to her enigmatic nature, Lulu is set on a self-destructive course in an effort to unveil her true self. Confined to the solitude of her celluloid prisons, she is ultimately consumed by the nightmarish struggle to exorcise her endowed photographic personae and mythological avatars through a series of performative rituals.
This performance unfolds under WaxFactory’s multidisciplinary approach as a voyeuristic montage of nine brief scenes, a cinematographic sequence of possible portraits of Lulu, a restless spirit caught up in a never-ending cycle of reinvention and reincarnation who ultimately resists being imprisoned by deconstructive definitions.
It is a compelling study of an innocence regained and the autopsy of an obsession.



conceived and directed by | Ivan Talijancic in collaboration with Erika Latta
inspired by the work of Frank Wedekind, Alban Berg, and G.W. Pabst
performed by | Erika Latta
dramaturgy | Karen Ott
lights | Tyler Micoleau
cinematography + video | Dion Doulis
costumes | Karin Holmstrøm (Begat Theater)
costumes (workshop production) | PK Wish
set | Paula Sjoblom
soundscape | Mia Hamalainen
sound (workshop production) | Bill Padilla
technical direction | Philippe Laliard (Begat Theater)
original text | Erika Latta, Ivan Talijancic
additional cast (on film) | Eliot Angle, Justin Carty, Todd Peters, Eric Dean Scott



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