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LULU XX (2019)


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At the turn of the 20th century, German playwright Frank Wedekind imagined Lulu, an elusive heroine as puzzling and indestructible as his relentless search for quintessence of the “other” sex. As complex as the pandemonium of female archetypes invented throughout history, she manifested herself as the definitive embodiment of the eternal strife to reconcile the worlds of male and female genders. 
At the turn of the 21st century – in 1999 – having just co-founded WaxFactory, Ivan Talijancic and Erika Latta, turned their attention to LULU, as their first formal collaboration. While their initial investigation was presented as a work-in-progress in New York, the work had officially premiered and toured overseas only.

In 2019, WaxFactory celebrates its 20th anniversary with LULU XX, a new cross-media performance, devised by the company's co-founders. Our production, inspired by Wedekind's timeless female protagonist, challenges the idolatry and misogyny of the male gaze in artistic representation of women, exposing its conflicting tendencies. Inspired by the momentum of feminist protest, we revisit the unapologetic heroine, asking new questions about agency, representation and violence in the contemporary world.




co-creators | Ivan Talijancic + Erika Latta
performed by | Erika Latta
directed and designed by | Ivan Talijancic
costumes | Miodrag Guberinic
sound | Yiannis Christofides
video | Jason Batcheller
lights | Paul Hudson

associate producer + performance coordinator | Sandy Cleary

media contact / press representation | John Wyszniewski / Everyman Agency, john@everymanagency.com, 347-416-3881

photography by Tasja Keetman




LULU XX premieres in September 2019

preview | Wed, September 18
opening night | Thu, September 19
closing night | Sat, September 28

Wednesdays and Thursdays | 7.30pm show
Fridays and Saturdays | 7.30pm + 10.00pm

tickets : luluxx.eventbrite.com | $20 (except September 18 preview, $15)