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LES DEMEURÉES (2010 / 2011)




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A 21-minute show for one person at a time. A guardian welcomes the audience members one by one, offering them the possibility to enter the box. With a couple signs and a few words, he explains the rules of the visit and gives each person a headset. The spectators enter every three minutes
 in an intimate, sensory and poetic experience
 -- a moment outside of time… A mixture of sounds and music create an ambiance and cut off the audience member from the real world. A bells rings. The audience member enters the box. A voice begins to tell a story.
An original adaptation of a contemporary novel that defies definition: an installation, performance and exhibition. Jeanne Benameur's book Les Demeurées (The Half-wits) tells the very emotional story of the Varienne, the village idiot and her daughter Luce whose encounter with the village teacher will transform all their lives forever.


concept / design | Karin Holmström
painting | Bénédicte Blanc
set construction | Philippe Laliard
direction of actors | Erika Latta (WaxFactory)
sound design | Erika Latta (WaxFactory) + Philippe Laliard
voice (French version) | Françoise Trompette - Orphéon Théâtre
voice (Dutch version) | Elizabeth Kestens intérieur
performers | Bénédicte Blanc (the Varienne), Karin Holmström or Nolwenn Moreau (Miss Solange),Philippe Laliard (the Guardian) and Eric Gaudé (Guardian 2)
The show is available in both French and Dutch. Each audience member can choose.
The Italian and English versions will be ready in March 2011.



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