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WaxFactory / Begat Theater Collaboration
Adapted from Scented Gardens for the Blind by Janet Frame (New Zealand)

Co-production: Lieux publics, Centre National de Création des Arts de la Rue (Marseille, France) 
First Prize, Concours de Projets Associatifs, Fondation Regards de Provence
"Welcome to the factory of the mind.
You can move around, explore and classify the countless models of strangeness that you have here. Before your eyes a family of three, but, like a lighthouse keeper whose beacon shines upon three wrecks and who must choose which to rescue first, you do not realize that you have been deceived : there is only one wreck."

                                                               DOCTOR CLAPPER
In her solitary madness, Vera Glace, a patient in a psychiatric ward, weaves a fantastic and spellbinding tale of a family lost within the bewildering labyrinth of communication. Daphne, her daughter, has mysteriously ceased to speak. Doctor Clapper and his team of nurses lay a trap to crack open her world of silence. Edward, her father, flies to her rescue on newspaper wings after 11 years of separation…
A spectacular nighttime theater event that includes the audience within the playing area.
On opposite corners of a public square, two elevated houses are connected by postal routes, telephone lines and public transportation. From his watchtower chair, Doctor Clapper directs the action, stretching and retracting the playing space and guiding the spectator's eye, as the lives of the characters unfold above, around and in the audience. The action is visible from within the crowd as the characters perform on raised platforms or stilts. Set pieces roll in and out, transforming the playing area into a 360-degree arena. The audience is active, moving and participating in the energy of the show.
Creation in 1999 and 2004 (English version)



Conception and original adaptation | Karin Holmström
script + direction + sound (version 1) |  Erika Latta + Dion Doulis (WaxFactory)
direction + sound (version 2) | Erika Latta (WaxFactory)
technical direction, light and sound | Philippe Laliard & Guillaume Ledieu

performers | Bénédicte Blanc, Hervé Cristianini, Guillaume Grisel, Karin Holmström, Stéphane Pastor, Dion Doulis, Cathy Ruiz Alcantara, Sofi Szoniecky
earlier production performers | Cédric Crenn, Stéphane Dumas, Céline Garnier, Sabrina Giampetrone, Ayméric Louis et Léo Veras Néiva.



LE JARDIN AVEUGLE has been represented in :

Alençon, Annonay, Aurillac, Avignon, Bouc Bel Air, Calvi, Chalon-sur-Saône, Chambly, Draguignan, Fontenay-Le-Comte, Gap, La Ciotat, La Penne sur Huveaune, Marseille, Manosque, Pertuis, (France), Dubrovnik (Croatia), Ostrava (Czech Republic),Sarreguemines, Sassari, Nuoro (Italy), Viladecans (Spain) among others….

An English-language version was created in 2004 and performed in Ljubljana (Slovenia), Vlissingen (The Netherlands) and Schwerte (Germany)




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