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DELIRIUM 27 (2008 / 2010)




In an unknown amount of time, under the hum of the electric lights, a fever takes hold of Ode Black, who is being held under investigation for a crime. On the border of a breakdown, remnants of his former life blur the lines of memory, imagination and forgotten thoughts, while humor becomes his only compass out of the darkness.
DELIRIUM 27 is an investigation of the struggle to regain one’s bearings after loss, and its distorting effect on interpreting the past. Diverse design and performance elements build a multilayered dramaturgy depicting a mind grappling to reconstruct memories.





writer / director | Erika Latta
cast | Eric Dean Scott, Gregor Gruden, Primoz Bezjak and Gillian Chadsey (2010); Matija Vastl, Gregor Gruden, Primoz Bezjak and Anna Koch (2008 version)
set | Minimart
video | Antonio Giacomin
sound design | Miha Klemencic of Random Logic
technical direction/lights | Igor Remeta
properties | Philippe Laliard and Erika Latta.
executive producers | Ivan Talijancic for WaxFactory (New York) and Simona Semenič for Integrali (Ljubljana)
co-production | Integrali (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Reading Credits | Eric Dean Scott, Tobias Graupner, Aimee Phelan-Deconick, Tuomas Hiltunen, Chandler Vinton, Grant Neale (Performers), Sebastijan Nenad Vukusic (Video), Zenit & Nadar (Music)





Workshop: October 2006, Akademie Schloss Solitude (Stuttgart, Germany)
Reading: October 2007, Albert Watson Studio (New York, NY)
January 2008: Stara Elektrarna / Old Power Station (Ljubljana, Slovenia) – premiere
March 2010: Abrons Arts Center (New York, USA)