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416 MINUTES / 416分 : the film (2011-present)


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  Currently in post-production, WaxFactory's first feature film, 416 MINUTES (416分) features a collaboration with artists from Japan, Slovenia, Italy, Russia and the United States. In the company's signature genre-defying style, this unsettling new work shadows an actress whose escape from a film studio sets her on a trail of chance encounters during the hours of the night when things take on a particularly eerie glow.


conceived and directed by | Ivan Talijancic
principal cast | Cecilia Albertini (Asia), Jonas Borra (Chauffeur), Gillian Chadsey (Anna), Carmel Amit (Girl), Jun Kim (Junichiro), Erika Latta (Nina), Masha Yakovenko (Masha / The Sleepwalker).
also featuring | Nick Bruder, Niko Gorsic, Nathan Guisinger, Thomas Hagen, Jeffery Lyon, Michael McMahon, Nolwenn Moreau, Jordan Morley, Yurra Serov and Hiroko Yonekura
director of photography | Antonio Giacomin
camera | Antonio Giacomin, Tasja Keetman
editing | Antonio Giacomin
sound design + composition | Miha Klemenčič
styling | Haans Nicholas Mott
hair design + styling | Takeo Suzuki
make-up design + styling | Kristen Paynter, Risa Robins-Moloney
executive producer | Ivan Talijancic for WaxFactory
producer | Georgia Oetker
idea and story | Ivan Talijancic
script | Ivan Talijancic in collaboration with the Cast