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2018 holiday giving campaign (2018)




December 2018

Dear Friends!

2019 is going to be an extraordinary milestone for WaxFactory.

In the New Year, we will be celebrating our 20th anniversary. As we pause to take it all in, we are keenly aware that we would never have made it this far without you!

With every anniversary, one is prompted to revisit past accomplishments. We feel fortunate to have been able to cross many borders and break disciplinary barriers, continuing to redefine the contemporary performance canon with nearly thirty innovative projects across four continents.

We are grateful to have made it this far, and look forward to entering our third decade as a company with an ambitious line-up of activities in 2019, including a publication of a book, several celebratory events, a multimedia exhibition of our past work, exclusive preview screening of our first film… And, to top it all off, Erika and Ivan will present a completely re-envisioned take on their first WaxFactory project, celebrating twenty years of their creative partnership, and culminating in a month-long run of LULU XX at 3LD Art+Technology Center in New York City in the Fall of 2019!

As we are facing the big 2-0 as a company, filled with hope and ambitious plans for the coming year, we would like to take a moment to remind you just how irreplaceable your support is. Independent, experimental groups such as WaxFactory are particularly vulnerable in the current economic climate that favors commercialism and the mainstream. Institutional funders are increasingly risk-averse, and with that tidal shift, our existence depends on the generosity of loyal supporters like you more than ever. Thanks to you, we have experienced steady growth in our individual giving in the last five years, with gratitude. But in order to continue producing innovative, ambitious multidisciplinary work, we must double up on our efforts - and, with your help, we will!

As you contemplate your options for end-of-the-year giving, we kindly ask you to consider renewing your support for WaxFactory. Each donation we receive will be fully tax-deductible. This year, we will also send a special surprise gift (curated by us!) to everyone donating above the $75 mark.

THANK YOU for your attention and unflagging support! With best wishes for the holiday season -- we looking forward to staying in touch,

Ivan Talijancic + Erika Latta
Founders and Artistic co-directors

Karen Cellini | Gillian Chadsey | Gabriella Hiatt | Haans Nicholas Mott
Board of Directors










Thank you for considering to include us in your end-of-year charitable giving! We realize that there are many possible choices you can make, which makes your support ever more meaningful. Your donation in any amount will enable us to keep bringing ambitious, groundbreaking multidisciplinary work to you and audiences at large well into our second decade. If you would like to make your tax-deductible donation today, you can do so by:

_ visiting the support page on our website to donate via PayPal, Venmo or Square Ca$h;

_ donating by check, which you can mail to: WaxFactory, POB 1197, New York NY 10013

Last but not least: Please make us your designated charity on Amazon Smile : for every purchase you make, Amazon will donate a small percentage of purchase price to WaxFactory -- at no additional cost to you!

After processing your donation, we will send you an acknowledgment letter which you will be able to use it for tax deduction purposes.