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Help WaxFactory tour to Argentina - IndieGoGo campaign
August 12,13

After touring with multiple productions across four continents, WaxFactory is excited to have been invited to perform its acclaimed production, blind.ness, as part of the inaugural edition of I [heart] MZ festival in Mendoza, Argentina in the Fall 2013!

Touring across continents is a challenging feat, and the grant support we received covers only one-half of the costs -- but with your help, we are confident that we can do it! Last year, more than 40 supporters from Europe, North and South America contributed over $13,000 towards the completion of our first feature film, 416 MINUTES, nearly three times our original goal! We are humbled by your generosity – it is your help that makes our work possible, so we encourage you to support us again…or for the first time, if you haven’t already.

To donate, please visit our Indiegogo campaign page.