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MAY 18+19, 2016

3LD Art + Technology Center

Brooklyn, NYC
3LD Art + Technology Center is hosting a third installment of an ongoing, multi-year series of open studio presentations by WaxFactory, presented under the common title PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER! The company invites you to take a peek behind the process of shaping the characters for what eventually might just become the weirdest production of Chekhov's Seagull you have ever seen, exploring the deepest, murkiest id of a particularly brilliant play about a particularly nasty bunch of people drowning in quicksand of unrequited love - but with a glass of champagne (or vodka) in their hands.

More information and reservations: visit our project page on 3LD’s website.



MINDFLOCK workshop
416 MINUTES / 416分 : the film

Mesmerizing theatre for the 21st century!

-- Flavorpill